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 Miles of trenches, fortified areas, terrorists’ equipment recorded by aerial reconnaissance of Olenivka village vicinity. VIDEO

Volunteers of Sestry Peremohy Foundation have recently returned from the front and shared video filmed by one of drones of the special forces detachment under their care.

The foundation activists reported to Censor.NET.


"This UAV helped to defend Marinka. It operates up to 12 hours daily flying hundreds of kilometers and filming hours of intelligence. The gathered information helps the command of several brigades operating in the sector make tactical and operational decisions more efficiently," the volunteers noted.

The volunteers from Sestry Peremohy contributed in training of the team of operators of this UAV, which was held at the testing area for two months.

They shared fragments of video.

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"This video shows system of trenches, caponiers, and armored equipment deployed near Olenivka village in the Donetsk region. These are the approaches to the southern edge of the terrorists' combat outpost in our country. The altitude of the flight was over 1,000 meters.

"We were told throughout the entire line of our troops' positions at the front: "1,2,3, UAVs were flying over us... they know our positions." We, the volunteers of Sestry Peremohy Foundation, want to change it dramatically. We invest efforts to make our intelligence activity so efficient due to drones that the enemy have no slightest desire to infiltrate into the territory of our country," the fund activists told.

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