"They should be executed for acting like this at home," - Russian mercenaries comment on Vostok battalion looters. VIDEO

Russian mercenaries in the Donbas filmed videos of looted territories controlled by the Vostok battalion terrorists.

Russian mercenaries filmed a video showing sawed train cars and equipment in the Donetsk depot and announced this a result of looting activities by the Vostok terrorists' battalion, Censor.NET reports citing vlada.iо.

The video clearly shows that the train cars' sets of wheels were taken off, some of them were overturned and cut with an autogenous welder.

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The video authors explain with thick Russian accent that the depot was swept by the Vostok battalion, the soldiers of which first set the cars on fire in order to imitate artillery shelling consequences and then cut the trains for scrap. They note that earlier, all cars were intact in the depot. 'Now there is not even a power converter here, all is f*cking stolen. It's empty!" the Russians comment showing destroyed cars and dismantled converters.


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"If this was in Germany, let's say in 1945, that would be OK. But acting like this here at home - they should be executed for that!" the authors wrote. "And then Russians come and build it over!"

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v343080