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 "Mafia and mutual cover-up runs everything here," Saakashvili commented on release of two policemen who were caught red-handed on a bribe. VIDEO

Governor of the Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili considers decision of the judge in the case of the policemen bribe-takers illegitimate.

He said during a joint briefing with Head of Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Odessa region Georgi Lortkipanidze, Censor.NET reports citing the official's Facebook.

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"Today, the judge released the two policemen who were caught red-handed on a bribe in the operation, during which they tried to run the officers down with the car, whereby, the law enforcers were forced to use weapons. The bail was ridiculous. As usual, the bribetakers have been released due to travesty of justice in violation of the provisions of the law," he said.

The judge of the Prymorskyi district court has released the recently detained policemen-bribetakers on bail in the amount of around 182 hryvnia ($8.5) today.

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It should be reminded that according to the Interior Ministry, two law enforcers, who were caught during taking a bribe, have thrown the money out of the car's window and tried to escape, having run the Internal Security Department officer down with the car. The arrest operation took place on July 4. The criminal proceeding for committing of robbery under Part one of the Article 186 was launched by the local police this year's March. The alleged offender was put into wanted list. "Possessing this information, the two officers of the Department of criminal police for children affairs criminally conspired with the person having extorted a bribe in the amount of $2,000 and promised not to arrest him in return," the Interior Ministry said.

The suspect has applied to the Internal Security Department of the Odessa region. The Internal Security Department officers informed regional prosecutor's office, which opened proceedings for crime committed under Part three of the Article 368 and Part 1 of the Article 14 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The police officers were detained receiving the bribe. At the same time, they tried to escape, having run the Internal Security Department officer down with the car.

"Warning shots into the air were made and their car was blocked during the detention. There are no casualties as a result of the employment of the firearms. The illegally obtained funds in the amount of $2,000 have been seized during the search of the scene and the car. In addition, two cigarettes with green plant matter, and a package with a similar substance have been found in the cabin and the trunk of the car," the agency concluded.

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The police officers have been served a notice of suspicion of committing a crime under Part three of the Article 368 of the Criminal Code (acceptance of a bribe by an official).

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