MP Liashko demands arrest of Ecology Minister Shevchenko, who left for Europe when fire at the oil depot near Kyiv occurred. VIDEO

Radical Party faction leader Oleh Liashko demands that Prime Minister Yatseniuk immediately sacks Ecology Minister Ihor Shevchenko and Prosecutor General brings criminal charges and takes the Minister to court for corrupted activities.

Liashko voiced his stance at the Parliament on Tuesday, Censor.NET reports.


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According to Liashko, Shevchenko traveled to Europe recently by private plane of former Party of Regions member Onyshchenko. "On June 6, 2015, Shevchenko took off from Zhuliany airport [in Kyiv - ed.] to Dresden by a private plane, registered in Turkey, with a diplomatic passport. He returned to Ukraine on June 8 by the same private plane, but this time from Nice, France. The plane ID is PHARO. It is owned by MP Onyshchenko.

"I have a question to my colleague Onyshchenko regarding how come that Ecology Minister Shevchenko took your personal plane from Nice to Kyiv? Who paid for the flight? I demand that Prosecutor General brings criminal charges for corrupted activities conducted by Ecology Minister. For your information, MP Onyshchenko is linked to gas industry, which is within Ecology Ministry responsibility, thus there exists a corrupted connection between Onyshchenko and Shevchenko. So I demand that the Prosecutor General brings criminal charges and immediately arrests Shevchenko," Liashko said.

The deputy also addressed Prime Minister Yatseniuk regarding immediate dismissal of Shevchenko from his minister position. According to Liashko, the man 'who flies to Monacos and Nices' while the country is experiencing an ecologic catastrophe shall not occupy such position. "Out of the chair, rascal!" the deputy said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v340270