Ministry of Internal Affairs’ regiment “Dnipro-1” shot down a Russian drone Forpost. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Soldiers of the special purpose regiment “Dnipro-1” have brought down a Russian UAV as part of a joint operation with the CSO (Centre for Special Operations).

As Censor.NET informs, this is reported on the regiment's Facebook page.


Video by SBU

"Unmanned aerial vehicle Forpost is one of the most expensive. The cost is around $6 million. There were only 11 of them on the balance of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation. But after successful work of the regiment "Dnipro-1" soldiers there is one fewer," the message reads.

The drone is now in the headquarters of the anti-terrorist center. UAV experts are working with it now.

"Russian Forpost was shot down around Avdiivka near the village of Vodyane in the Donetsk region. In the whole year of confrontation and Russian occupation, this is the second drone that has been shot down," the press-service said.


It should be mentioned that this type of the UAV not only monitors enemy's positions but also conducts artillery adjustment and shelling in real-time mode.

Forpost is a licensed copy of an Israeli drone "Searcher II". Since 2012, it has been produced at the Ural plant of civil aviation in Russia. Searcher II has piston engine installed, UEL AR 68-1000 with 83 hp and a three-bladed pushing propeller.

UAV is equipped with MOSP complex (Multimission Optronic Stabilized Payload) TV / FLIR with transmission system for GCS in real time or intelligence container with synthetic aperture radar (SAR). It can also be equipped with a color CCD camera.

Searcher II takeoff can be conducted from both an ordinary unprepared take-off area and with the help of a pneumatic catapult or rocket boosters JATO.

Searcher II lethal and technical characteristics:

Wingspan, m: 8.55

Length, m: 5.85

Height, m: 1.16

Weight, kg:

- of payload: 120

- of fuel: 110

Maximum takeoff: 436

Engine Type: 1 × Limbach L 550

Power, L. p .: 1 × 47

The maximum speed, km / h: 200

Cruising speed, km / h: 146

Range, km: 250

Duration of flight hours: 15-18

Practical ceiling, m: 7,010

Information taken from Wikipedia.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v336980