Debt restructuring is critical for financial stabilization. We need to talk to creditors face to face in near future, - Jaresko. VIDEO

In order to implement its financial stabilization plan, Ukraine needs to restructure its debts. To fulfill this, urgent talks with creditors are required.

Ukraine's Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko said at the EBRD Annual Meeting in Tbilisi, Censor.NET reports.


Jaresko named debt restructuring a critical part of the financial stabilization plan, equal to the $15.3-billion IMF program in essence.

"There's not a way for us to achieve an economic stability without success in this debt restructuring," Jaresko said.

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In order to agree on the restructuring, Jaresko said, Ukraine needs to hold talks with its creditors as soon as possible. She call to them for understanding and timely response.

"I think it's important that our creditors understand. And I ask them to be constructive, to come to the table in a transparent fashion, to come in a responsive fashion, and in good faith. We need to talk, we need to talk face to face, and we need to do it in the very near future," the Finance Minister said.

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