Runway of the Donetsk airport has not been rendered inoperable. Latest air surveillance video

The landing strip of the Donetsk airport has not been incapacitated by the Ukrainian Army.

Businessman Serhii Tamrazov wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

He noted: "We flew over the Donetsk airport April 30, 2015, (someone tried to shot an unmanned aerial vehicle flying at 600 meters height down from an assault rifle, which may be heard at 2:15 of the footage) but could not find anything that looks like a "completely incapacitated runway.

"We were told quite a different story...

"The runway in the Donetsk airport was completely destroyed due to fighting, the ATO HQ has neither confirmed nor denied information about prisoners, this was announced by ATO speaker Andrii Lysenko on Jan. 20, 2015.

"Fierce fighting is underway in the Donetsk airport. The runway is completely incapacitated. The Ukrainian detachments are holding the line inflicting heavy losses to the militants' manpower and equipment. The operation continues," he said then.

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"See for yourself: This is a picture of the runway taken during the same fly over."

аэропорт донецкий беспилотник

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov commented on the video captured by the drone: "I had no doubts that the Donetsk airport runway had not been destroyed. The statement of the General Staff about the destruction of the landing strip was initially untrue, for it is impossible to destroy reinforced concrete, designed to stand takeoffs and landings of 200-ton giants by high-explosive fragmentation shells, even by the ones of 152-mm caliber, which were used in the vicinity of the Donetsk airport. Special concrete-piercing ammunition, preferably of larger caliber, or special engineer activity with a lot of explosives is required. It goes without saying that none of this was ever carried out by our command in the ATO area. Moreover, the landing strip of the Luhansk airport was not damaged heavily too. You can fly there as well. But the airports are not a priority. The biggest fake by the General Staff concerns the allegedly incapacitated transportation hub in Debaltseve. There are key bridges and tunnels, which destruction would have rendered the hub inoperable for a long time. These facilities could be demolished and there even was necessary ammunition available in the nearby abandoned warehouses. But this opportunity also was not taken. In general, the video about the operable Donetsk airport's runway is very useful - I, for example, first saw for myself how many people started to understand that the military command can actually lie through its teeth. The critical reasoning is indeed required to assess the statements. There is no urgent necessity to destroy the landing strip at the moment, while another case of lies is revealed - one among many. It is now actually possible to impact the runway by a 203-mm caliber concrete-piercing ammunition (if there is still any in the warehouses) launched from Pion self-propelled guns and it will be damaged enough. No one has just ever set the mission to render it inoperable. It was a virtual operation, which the generalship likes so much."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v335156