SBU detained separatists with arms and ammunition in Odesa. VIDEO

A video showing SBU special Alfa unit detaining separatists in Odesa was posted online.

As seen in the video, officers seized all sorts of weapons and ammunition during the operation, Censor.NET reports.

The video description says the detention occurred on April 30.

Earlier, the SBU reported on exposing and blocking large-scale separatist activities aimed at separation of the Odesa region from Ukraine. The projects on creating fake "Odesa People's Republic", the so-called "People's Council of Bessarabia", "Porto-Franco" have been disrupted.

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On April 29, a multi-stage special operation, which involved 226 employees of the Service, including 120 Alpha personnel, was conducted. Law enforcers exposed a group of people who had a clear organizational structure and coordinated with the Russian Federation. The ultimate goal of the criminal group was illegal and unconstitutional declaration of an artificial entity - the so-called "Bessarabia".

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About 20 people were detained, 17 raids were conducted. Detentions and immediate operational investigative activities are underway. The SBU seized e-mail correspondence of the group with coordinators in Russia and Crimea, campaign materials, computers, credit cards to finance the illegal separatists activities, a significant amount of cash. One of the leaders of the group admitted that in early April he traveled to Moscow, where he was recruited by the Russian special services.

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Adviser to the chairman of the SBU Markiian Lubkivskyi noted that within the framework of the counter-terrorist operation in Odesa a large arsenal of weapons, including AK-74s, RGD-5 and F-1 grenades, ammo, Russian made harnesses , cold steel weapons, tasers, campaign materials and communication means were seized in a series of searches.

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There are 12 activists of Kulykove Field among those detained. One member of the group was involved in production and distribution of anti-Ukrainian propaganda materials, and was wanted by the police for the crime under Art. 186 of the Criminal Code (robbery).

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Within the framework of the criminal proceedings suspicions under Art. 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine will be announced. The SBU continues to document illegal activities of the detainees and is conducting a series of measures to prevent the destabilization of the situation in the Odesa region.

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