Story of life and death of a Russian militant from Orsk, killed in Donbas: "Every second man here is because of a loan or hiding from justice". VIDEO

The story of a terrorist mercenary from the Russian city of Orsk, who went to fight in the Donbas because of unpaid loans.

The story run by Russian Dozhd TV channel notes that the mercenary's family still hopes for his return, but all the facts provided by the Ukrainian soldiers and journalists suggest the opposite: an attempt to cash in on the murder of Ukrainians ended tragically, Censor.NET reports.

In the video the Ukrainian servicemen show a captured Russian tank from Crimea and paperwork of one of the killed tankers - Zhytinev Aleksandr from Orsk, an unemployed tractor driver. The documents were passed through to journalists to the family of the deceased.

The widow says that there were rumors that tankers get paid about 100,000 rubles per month (about 1,650 U.S. dollars) and her husband decided to go to Ukraine to pay for the loan on the apartment. Now his family does not even have the money to bring back the body…


Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v326518
Source: youtube