Russian troops' ammunition storage exploded in Donetsk. VIDEO

A massive explosion rocked Donetsk in the evening of Feb. 8. Social media users wrote of the burst wave. In particular, it is reported that the sound was heard in nearly all districts of the city.

Censor.NET reports citing Donbas News.

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According to preliminary data, the explosion occurred in Kuibyshev district of the city, where explosion warehouses of the 'DPR' terrorists are located.

'Right Sector' leader Dmytro Yarosh posted the following on his Facebook page: "Some time ago our artillery worked fine over accumulation of Russian terrorists' grenade rocket launchers and vehicles. According to preliminary data, 20 Grads, 30 vehicles, and 200 soldiers of the enemy were destroyed. The explosion caused panic in Donetsk. Glory to Ukrainian soldiers!"

MP Borys Filatov posted on his Facebook page: "Do you remember the heroes who played for the 'LPR' aviation? Here they come again, not guerrillas. They fired with two Smerch... Good night and glory to Heroes!"

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