Terrorists captured near Debaltseve confirm they were trained by Russian officers. VIDEO

Tankmen terrorists from the 'DPR' captured when attempting to attack Debaltseve confirmed they had been trained by Russian officers.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Donbas Public TV, the tank was captured by the Ukrainian soldiers together with the crew during the fighting near Debaltseve. All three captured terrorists are Donbas residents. Two of them used to work as miners, the third one was a community center director.


On the video, the first interrogated terrorist can be heard answering questions in Russian: "I came to Makiivka, the Donetsk region, in 2006. I lived and worked there as a miner. In December, I got into a tank battalion through an advertisement. ... The ad was on TV, Novorossia TV channel. I was trained at a training field between Shakhtarsk and Torez. The training was held by Russian officers."The detained confirmed that the battalion included 10 convicted persons from Russia, the video shows. He also said the tank they fought with was from Russia, "in good condition," but with certain troubles with firing.

The other captives also confirmed they had been trained by Russian military. They said the tank never fired.

One of the captives said he was sorry he had enrolled in the battalion. "There was little information. If we had more information, I probably wouldn't have," he said, allegedly referring to his participation in hostilities on the enemy's side.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v322736