In Mariupol, Ukrainian Security Services detained militant Filia of Svat military gang. New evidence suggests involvement of Russian secret services in terror acts in Ukraine. VIDEO

Ukrainian Security Service obtained new evidence proving Russian intelligence involvement in financing and organizing of terror acts in Ukraine.

Censor.NET reports citing the SBU press service. SBU counterintelligence has arrested one of the members of the Svat military group in the city of Mariupol. The detainee had received spe-cial military training in a camp in Sevastopol, and had been ordered by representatives of the Russian special services to organize and conduct terror acts against civilian population in Ukrainian cities. He has the call sign Filia and is resident of Mariupol, a Ukrainian national, born in 1988, was previously convicted of theft and subsequently recruited by leader of a Gurza illegal military gang. Filia was given a machine gun and sent to serve at the militants' checkpoint "Chekhov."

The detainee provided evidence to the Ukrainian security investigators on direct involvement of the Russian special services in organization and financing of terrorist activities in Ukraine. Filia had witnessed participation of Russian contract armed forces in fighting against ATO forces. The militant also provided data on illegal deliveries of heavy weaponry by the foreign country through uncontrolled border areas from Russia, including artillery, guns, mortars, etc. Filia told investigators that on Sept. 5, 2014, a convoy of six tanks, eight SAUs, seven military Urals and two infantry fighting vehicles under the command of a Russian officer, a resident of Moscow with the call sign "Volga", had taken control of a village called Leninske near Donetsk.

The terrorists limited movements of local population by ambushing and looting their cars. In October, 2014, four mortars from Russia were delivered to leader of the "Chekhov" checkpoint by the Russian troops. They also provided training to the militants on use of the mortars. Hav-ing become a mortar spotter, Filia repeatedly shelled residential buildings in the village of Kominternove near Novoasovsk as well as Ukrainian military positions in the village of Lebe-dynske. During the pre-trial investigation, the militant also testified that terrorist acts involving explosive-packed cars in the Ukrainian checkpoint "East" in Mariupol and Kominternove near Donetsk in the fall were organized and carried out under the direction of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB RF). A radio-controlled device was detonated by a call from a mobile phone of a Russian agent. Filia said that representatives of the Russian Special Forces also fi-nanced terrorist operations of the mercenaries.

Leader of the gang personally travelled to Moscow to receive "salaries" of Svat members for the acts of sabotage and terrorist attacks. According to Filia, the Svat militants have been learning intelligence/subversion skills in a camp in Sevastopol organized by the Russian Special Forces under specific program aimed at further engagement in terrorist acts in one of the re-gional centers. Filia was arrested in Mariupol, where he was sent by his Russian instructors on a mission to form a clandestine subversive network and perform acts of sabotage aimed at terrorising local population. He was provided with weapons, cash, instructions and allies' contact details. The investigation is continuing in open criminal proceedings.

Earlier Censor.NET reported that the Ukrainian Security Service has opened a case on spreading disinformation on Ukrainian servicemen in social networks.

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