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 Tetiana Chornovol Refused from Home Granted to Her for Her Deceased Husband’s Acts of Valor: "There Are a Lot of People Who Need it Much More". VIDEO

The Interior Minister Adviser stated that other soldiers who were injured or families of servicemen killed in the ATO area need this accommodation more than her.

Censor.NET reports citing the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine press service.

"My husband, Mykola Berezovyi, was a man of honor and a great patriot of Ukraine. My Mykola was originally from the Donetsk region. When we met, I was amazed that such a patriot of Ukraine grew in the city of Horlivka, where there are very high anti-Ukrainian public sentiments now, but this very fact indicated that he was real. I'm not the only one who has lost her husband - there are thousands of us across the country. I know what the wives, children, and parents feel," Tetiana Chornovol said.

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She also noted that she cannot imagine what mothers who lost their children may feel, but she knows well how a wife feels after a husband's death.

"He and the likes of him have died for Ukraine, they sacrificed their lives. This sacrifice is great. This sacrifice was for the sake of Ukraine, for the sake of our people, for our country, because one has to sacrifice a lot for the state. Sometimes one just needs to learn the Ukrainian language or teach one's children to speak it. One has to pay constantly to have one's own state, but the price is worth it. That is because we - the Ukrainians, can actually live only in Ukraine," Adviser to the Minister stressed.

Tetiana Chornovol's husband, Mykola Berezovyi, was posthumously awarded the "Order for Courage" of the third degree. In addition, his family has been allocated a quarters.

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"I refuse from this flat. It's unfair! We have thousands of people killed across the country. I live in a private house which my parents once built. There is more living space there after my husband's death. There are many people who are in much more need of this accommodation I was granted. Therefore, I think that it's undignified to take it," Tetiana Chornovol said.

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