"While you’ll be watching football matches, Russia will continue killing Ukrainians in Donbas," - 128th Brigade commander appeals to football fans ahead of FIFA World Cup 2018. VIDEO

Colonel Serhii Sobko, the commander of the 128-th Mountain Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian army, called the football fans not to trust Russia and its attempts to sell itself as a civilized country by holding FIFA World Cup 2018 as it keeps waging war against Ukraine in the Donbas while many Ukrainian political prisoners are being held in Russian jails.

As reported by Censor.NET, the appeal was published on 128th Brigade's page on Facebook.


"My name is colonel Serhii Sobko, I am the commander of the 128-th Mountain Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian army. I would like to address all the football community. Russia plans to use your love for football to whitewash itself. To make itself seem a civilized country. But one can’t trust Russia’s word. It’s a country which violates all international agreements, seizes terrtories, launches wars. While you’ll be watching football matches, it will continue killing Ukrainians in Donbas, as it does for the fifth consecutive year now, waging a nefarious war against Ukraine which it launched in 2014. It will continue lying that it has nothing to do neither with the downing of #MH17, nor with murders of Kremlin’s critics, that it’s forces aren’t present neither in Ukraine, nor in Syria, that it doesn’t meddle in other countries’ elections. It will continue humiliating human dignity by keeping hundreds of political prisoners in jails, at least 64 of whom are Ukrainians. Three weeks ago one of them, Oleg Sentsov, went on a hunger strike, demanding release of all political prisoners. Three others already joined him. There is no FairPlay in Russia! It kills and lies. Support Oleg Sentsov, so that together we can force Russia to play by the rules. #FairPlay! #FreeSentsov!" the military said in his statement.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v3070439