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 "We Performed Our Sacred Duty" – Kyrovohrad Meets Defenders of Donetsk Airport. PHOTOS

On the night of October 5 Kyrovohrad solemnly met divisions of the separate special purpose regiment, which alongside other combat units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine heroically defended strategically important Donetsk International airport.

The heroes were met by relatives, brothers-in-arms, hundreds of residents of the regional center with the national flags, symbols and patriotic posters, Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Local residents shouted "Glory to Ukraine!", "Glory to the heroes!", "Thank You!" and gave flowers and sweets to the servicemen.

"We were fulfilling our sacred duty to protect the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine," the soldiers of the regiment noted.

After a few minutes of talk, greetings and hugs, the defenders of Ukraine left for the location of the military unit to give in their weapons and unload the military equipment.

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