Russia Recognizes Its Involvement in Fighting in Ukraine: Ceasefire Negotiations Lead by Aleksandr Lentsov, Deputy Commander of Russian Ground Forces. VIDEO

Russian propagandists gradually illuminate the participation of the Russian army in the war against Ukraine and start speaking about the new border.

Censor.NET informs about it, referring to Grazhdanin Sozidatel website, a resource supporting the so-called Novorossiya.

The video reveals that the Russian propagandist channel Russia24 recognizes that the ceasefire is repeatedly violated and tells about peace negotiations between Russia, Ukraine, the so called DPR and LPR, and OSCE representatives, held recently in Horlivka town. Russia was represented by Aleksandr Lentsov, Deputy Commander of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, Censor.NET reported that Russian terrorist troops started actively shelling Ukrainian soldiers again.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v304627