American TV Channel Captured Russian Soldiers Near Novoazovsk on Video. VIDEO

Journalists of American television channel shot a video of Russian military machines columns near Novoazovsk.

Censor.NET refers to Sky News reporting that the column was well-armed with the newest Russian weapons. Two of the waggons were bearing machine guns. The machines were marked with white painted circles, with all other insignia removed. The journalists witnessed the column pass the terrorists' checkpoint near Novoazovsk.

"We saw one of the armed men guarding the checkpoint wave his hand and say, 'These are ours,'" reports Katie Stallard of Moscow Sky News bureau.


The journalist noted the other identification marks worn by the armed men were white strips or sleeve bandages, which are typical ways used by the Russian army to label their soldiers deployed to the territory of Donbas.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v301155