Russian paratroopers told how they "got lost" in Donbas. VIDEO

Russian paratroopers detained in the ATO area told reporters in an interview how they got lost in the Ukrainian Donbas.

As reported by Censor.NET citing hromadske.tv, the paratroopers argue that they have admitted who they were and where they were from on their own initiative and that the Ukrainian government did not put pressure on them.

"The second video was recorded in Kharkiv city SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] without any pressure after we were fed, questioned, taken outside and asked simply so that the parents could see to name ourselves and show that we are alive and well," says a junior sergeant.

According to them, before the detention they were not even aware that they were on the Ukrainian territory.

"When we were captured, we were told that we are on the Ukrainian territory and were being taken into captivity... The fact that we were on the Ukrainian territory was something that none of us was aware of," said the deputy commander of the 2nd platoon of the 3rd airborne company, Guard Sergeant Vladimir Savasteev. Most of the detained soldiers are from his platoon.

"We had a task to advance in a column as a rear guard. That is, we had to cover the rear of the column. Support the column on training, this was the task," he explains.

They claim that they are treated well in Ukraine, not as a prisoners or captives. "We are well treated, well fed here, and we are questioned as witnesses," said one of the detainees.

As reported earlier, the Kostroma paratroopers were detained by the SBU in the east on Aug. 24. They are now in the detention facility of the Kyiv SBU.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v300262