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 Terrorists Continue Shelling Donetsk: Direct Hit Blew Up a Car Burning Three Civilians Alive - Mayor's Office. PHOTO + VIDEO

On afternoon of August 27 Kalinin district of Donetsk was shelled resulting in casualties among the civilian population.

This is stated by the Donetsk city council, Censor.NET reports.

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On afternoon of August 27 Kalinin district was shelled. The shells hit the 5-storey house # 58 on Krasnodonskaia street, a day care center # 16, destroyed the roof of the Donetsk city youth center, where a fire started. The nearby houses had their windows blown out by the blast wave; shell fragments can be seen in the yards of residential areas close to the Obzhora supermarket.

Ministry of Emergency and EMS crews are working on site.

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About two hours ago, there was a direct hit in the Lada passenger car on the Shevchenko boulevard. There were passengers in the car at the time of impact. As a result of the ensuing fire all three of them were burned alive.


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