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 Do Not Touch It: Intercepted Talks of the Terrorists Protecting Yanukovych’s Estate in Donetsk. AUDIO

The armed terrorists protect Yanukovych’s estate in Donetsk from armed looters like they are. The Interior Ministry of Ukraine intercepted the insurgents’ talks

Censor.NET informs citing Minister of Internal Affairs Adviser Anton Herashchenko's information which he published on Facebook.

"It finally became evident what the terrorists in Donetsk are dying for. Girkin and his terrorists' main combat mission is Yanukovych's mansion protection, which is still in a pristine and untouched state unlike his Mezhyhiria manor," the Adviser of the Minister said adding that as soon as "silly terrorists are trying to rob Donetsk hacienda of Yanukovych, their seniors immediately send out a rapid response to protect the property of ex-dictator."

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Herashchenko also posted the recording of intercepted phone conversations of terrorists. "I assume that no one of the terrorists shells from Grads, howitzers and mortars towards the mansion of Yanukovych from the city," he said.

In his opinion, "the soldiers of volunteer battalions subordinate to the Interior Ministry and the National Guard troops as well as regular army brigades must visit the estate of Yanukovych to find out why it is so carefully guarded by the terrorists diverting their attention from the important tasks of robbing the locals remaining in Donetsk."


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