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 "It is Scary. We Should be Flying that Plane. There Must Have Been Someone Watching over Us and Saying ‘You Must not Get on that Flight". PHOTO

Couple who were unable to get the Malaysia Airlines flight that crashed, killing almost 300 people, speak of "sick feeling" of escaping with young baby

Censor.NET reports this citing the Channel 5 and The Telegraph


A couple who had been planning to fly on the Malaysia Airlines flight that crashed in Ukraine spoke last night of the "sick feeling" they experienced on hearing the news.

Barry Sim and his wife Izzy were told there were not enough seats on the plane for them and their baby so they switched to a later KLM flight.

Up to 10 British passengers were last night feared to be among the 295 people killed when a the Malaysia Airlines plane was apparently shot down on the Russia-Ukraine border.

Asked about his response to the crash, Mr Sim, from Scotland, said: "You get this sick feeling in the pit of your stomach [...] We started getting butterflies. Your heartbeat starts going."

Mrs Sim added: "There must have been someone watching over us and saying 'you must not get on that flight'.

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