Ministry of Internal Affairs Established the Identity of the Woman Talking about Child’s Execution and is Calling for Sanctions against Russian Journalists. VIDEO

A native of the Zakarpattia region, and currently a resident of Sloviansk, the Donetsk region talks on camera about witnessing the Ukrainian troops torturing a little child and a woman.

This information was stated at a press briefing of Interior Minister's adviser Anton Herashchenko, Censor.NET reports citing the official website of the agency.

The Interior Ministry with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will initiate an appeal to the European Union concerning the prohibition of entry to the EU to journalists and owners of the Russian media broadcasting outright lies about the situation in Ukraine.

According to Herashchenko, one "refugee" stated that she witnessed the "execution of a three year old son of a militant." The boy was allegedly nailed to a cross, and his mother was strapped to a tank and dragged three times around the square.

The police determined that this woman is a native of a village in Mezhyhirskyi district in Zakarpattia region. Recently, she and her family have been living in Mykolaivka of the Sloviansk district. In 2010 the woman came to the police saying that her 16-year-old daughter stole money from her. In March of this year the woman contacted the police twice: the first time because her husband beat her, the second time because he took away her passport.

Anton Herashchenko said that the woman is only "a part of the grand scam, which is conducted by the Russian Federation." The purpose of this kind of videos is the fact that Russia has difficulty recruiting new mercenaries to send to Ukraine.

To make more of them, they have to resort to such tricks here, which according to the creators of these provocations shall cause hatred of Ukraine, its citizens, and hence bring more mercenaries from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, the adviser said.

According to Anton Herashchenko the guilty ones in this situation are also leaders and journalists of Russian mass media, who voice these lies. Therefore, the Ministry of the Interior through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will initiate an appeal to the European Union to ban entry to the EU for leaders and journalists of several leading Russian TV channels.

"We know who organizes these provocations, and will ask the European Union to ban these people from entering the European Union," he stressed.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v293809