Escaped Hostage Told Details of Terrorists’ Flight from Sloviansk. VIDEO

When the terrorists’ superiors fled from Sloviansk, the so-called middle management began to gather the looted stuff and save their skin in confusion.

The resident of Izium, who managed to escape from captivity, told this to Radio Liberty, Censor.NET reports citing sled.net.ua.

According to him, the prisoners took advantage of the confusion of the militants and emerged from the prison on the night when terrorists were rushing from Sloviansk. The hostages waited for the dawn and fled after getting out of the ward.

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"The militants hurried over to save themselves. Some of them were running away, others dressed themselves in civilian clothes," the resident of Izium said.

The terrorists began to form a convoy of several civilian vehicles, three tanks, two BM-21 Grad MRLSes, Gazelle vans and other military vehicles approximately at 11:00 pm. However, they could not move forward for about an hour.

"They were chaotically running back and forth. The terrorists pulled the hard drive with videos of executions and tortures out of the computer and then returned several times," the released hostage said.

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He also said that earlier the terrorists were recruiting people in their ranks threatening them with violence. The terrorists were catching people on the streets and forced them to write statements that they willingly joined militants to defend the so-called Donetsk People's Republic

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v293193