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 Russia Funded Donbas Extremists through Medvedchuk - Parubii. VIDEO

The extremist structure in Donbas was created over the past two years and was funded by Viktor Medvedchuk.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Andrii Parubii announced this today at a briefing, answering the question whether to continue negotiations with the terrorists with the participation of Medvedchuk, Kuchma and Shufrych, Censor.NET informs, citing LigaBusinessInform.


"In my opinion, Medvedchuk cannot be a part of the negotiations, because he is the culprit who was often used in recent years to create this situation. I have information that I received directly in Donetsk and Luhansk that the extremist groups' line, the network structure was created in two years. And I have information on which I can rely that the funding for these groups was carried out through Medvedchuk from the Russian Federation," Parubii said.

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"In my opinion, Medvedchuk cannot be a mediator, because he is one of the key organizers and those who prepared the revolt in Ukraine and provided a basis for Russian troops to invade the territory of Ukraine," Parubii said.

According to him, there are no negotiations with the terrorists at the moment.

"The last time we had opportunity to see how crafty the Russian Federation allegations are when they said they were ready for a ceasefire. These militant groups of Girkin and so-called Ataman of the Don Cossacks Kozitsyn who are directly financed by Russia, acted in opposite way, really aggressively carrying out most of the assaults and shootouts on our positions," he said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v292589