"Assault Failed": National Guard Repulsed the First Wave of Militants’ Attack on the Military Base in Donetsk. Negotiations Have Began. VIDEO

The soldiers of the National Guard’s military base #3004 in Donetsk repulsed the first wave of the storming. The terrorists are preparing for the second assault.

The report of the press service of the National Guard says, Censor.NET informs citing Espreso.TV.

"The first wave of terrorists assault of the National Guard's military base #3004 in Donetsk was repulsed. Meanwhile, the soldiers are preparing for the second assault. There are many indications are that the second wave of the storming may be carried out. There are no reports of casualties among security forces personnel," the report says.

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The eyewitness' video of the assault of the National Guard's military base

The negotiations between the military base authorities and the group Kalmius, which stormed the unit tonight, began. The office of the Department of Public Relations and Media of the Eastern Territorial Command of Interior Ministry troops informed OstroV about this.

"The storming is discontinued. The shooting is stopped. The negotiations between representatives of the Kalmius and the military base authorities started," the Department reported.

"There are no casualties after the shootout," the Department claims.

It was also reported in the Department that the assault began because a military base refused to leave the military camp and hand it to the militants of the Kalmius.

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During the shooting, the terrorists of the Kalimius group used large-caliber firearms. The military unit fired warning shots in response.

Earlier, the terrorists started the storm of the military unit number 3004 on the Shchors Street (the area of Maiak market) in Donetsk an hour ago.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v291702