Terrorists Did not Allow 35 Children to Be Moved from Kramatorsk to Kharkiv region: "Commandant Said that Ukraine is Enemy Country". VIDEO

The armed militants didn’t allow the children from Kramatorsk orphanage Antoshka to be moved to the Kharkov region.

The orphanage chief doctor Anatolii Romanov said about it. According to him, there are 35 children in the orphanage now, Censor.NET informs, citing Novosti Donbasa


"We are in a very complicated information pit. The Russian TV channels film every our step, every action. Then they show various episodes on television, edited and interpreted for their own benefit," Romanov said.

He also said that the question of the evacuation of children came up to the edge and their move to the Kharkiv region was in agreement with the Donetsk Regional Administration. However, the militants prevented the evacuation. They called the doctor for a "conversation with the commandant" and declared that they are at war with Ukraine, so they will not let the children go to the territory of the enemy. Romanov was threatened that if he tries to take the children, then he will punished according to the "martial law".

The militants were going to take the children to the Rostov region of Russia, but the orphanage staff prevented this. There are children with disabilities at the orphanage. Taking in consideration the checkpoints and border controls, a trip to Russia would take at least 10 hours, and each child must be transported by hands.

The payments are not currently made in the city because the Treasury is captured. The food is supplied to the institution in debt.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v291304