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 Third Phase of ATO Has Begun: Troops Do Not Negotiate with Terrorists and Present an Ultimatum. Terrorists Begin to Panic. VIDEO

The militants has begun to panic.

The terrorists admit that they are more and more tightly encircled. The commanders of the militants give interviews every day to "appropriately trained" Russian correspondents and almost in every interview call Russian President Putin for help, Censor.NETreports, citing TSN.

Terrorists began to panic: Thursday night the third stage of ATO began, when the military will not negotiate with terrorists, but give them an ultimatum. If they do not comply with it, the militants will be killed.

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So Thursday night on the outskirts of Krasnyi Lyman leaflets demanding surrender were scattered at the terrorists. Next morning the assault began. On terrorists' websites you can find a discontent, they say they did not have time to read [the leaflets] at night. The Ukrainian military recommends the terrorists to learning how to read and to make decisions quickly.

Also the Ukrainian military also took control of a bridge over the Severskyi Donets river and Yampil town.

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But there are also failures: the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense claims that fighters "Aidar" battalion put in adventure and decided to win back checkpoints from the terrorists, but several soldiers were killed and eight were captured.

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