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 Firing Continues Near Sloviansk: Militants Use Mortars, Rocket Launchers and Sharpshooters. VIDEO

The confrontation continues despite President Petro Poroshenko's plans to unilaterally ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

The Radio Liberty journalist witnessed the Ukrainian Army firing the terrorists' checkpoint near the Vostochnoe village in the suburb of Sloviansk, Censor.NET informs.

The servicemen noticed a group of militants a few kilometers away from the Ukrainian army position. The soldiers tried to destroy the target using a gun of new Ukrainian APC (BTR) first. They fired a mortar later.

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"We had eyes on the area where the militants were likely to be. Then a militants' "box" (vehicle) appeared. We were sure because civilians have not moved there for a long time, about two or three weeks. Therefore we tried to defeat the "box" and stop the movement of militants," APC's crew chief Dmytro said.

Exclusive video from the flash point! The newly acquired APC BTR-4E is used for shelling remote marks.

The marks were about four kilometers away.

Soldiers also told that the separatists are firing at their checkpoint almost every day. They use snipers, mortars and grenade launchers.

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President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced details of his peace plan today. It includes closing of the border, ceasefire, disarmament and amnesty for those who have not committed serious crimes. Poroshenko also noted that Ukraine will temporarily unilaterally cease fire in the east in order to allow the members of illegal armed groups to lay down arms and Russian mercenaries to leave the country.

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