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 About 100 Ukrainian Soldiers have Already been Killed Since the beginning of the ATO in Donbas. VIDEO

Almost hundred Ukrainian soldiers fallen in battles in the East of Ukraine according to preliminary data.

The tragedy near Luhansk where the military aircraft IL-76 was shot down is not the first case of mass killing of the Ukrainian soldiers during battle actions, Censor.NET reports.

About 30 Ukrainian servicemen were killed in massacres since the ATO started, said in the report of TSN. The terrorists killed 16 soldiers on May 22 near the town of Volnovakha in the Donetsk region. The Soldiers were guarding checkpoints and had no anti-terrorist assignments.

The terrorists captured those soldiers by surprise. Most of the soldiers were even unarmed having their weapons passed the day before. Guns on military vehicles was actually covered.

The helicopter carrying the Ukrainian soldiers was shot down under Sloviansk on May 29. They were flying from the mountain Karachun where the TV center is situated. The missile aimed the helicopter a few minutes after it took off. None of the passengers, including General Kulchitskii, survived.

The professionals committed the assaults in both cases, the Army presumes since they fired with high precision weapons from perfectly considered positions.

The exact number of soldiers killed during the ATO has not yet been announced. However the figure had reached almost 100 including the victims of the shot IL-76 aircraft.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v289989