Convoy of three tanks and two KamAZ trucks under Russian flags moves from Makiivka towards Sloviansk, - media. VIDEO

Witnesses have published a video filmed in Makiivka showing convoys of military vehicles heading towards Donetsk. They say the convoy has reached Donetsk by now.

Local medium Novosti Donbasa reports, as cited by Censor.NET.

"There are not only trucks and APCs intervening into Ukraine across the Russian border, but also tanks now. Latest info: a convoy of Russian tanks is heading towards Donetsk. Kremlin takes off the mask. I'd like to see a person who would still doubt that this is an open Russian intervention, if there are still such people. I'd like to see how a pure naive looks like," Dmytro Tymchuk, head of the Center of military-political research, writes on his Facebook page.

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"Three tanks and vehicles with personnel drove to the downtown of Makiivka. It was headed by a car with blinkers, but not a traffic police one. They drove through Zelenyi residential district, have ploughed up asphalt with their chain tracks," a witness told "Ostrov."

Another witness reported that he also spotted an anti-aircraft gun and other military equipment within the convoy. He also confirmed that the convoy was heading towards Donetsk.

"Just saw through 3 tanks flying Russian flag outside #Donetsk, heading toward #Slavyansk. Same T-72s reported by the Russian border today?» journalist Aleс Luhn posted in his Twitter.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v289675