Militants Demand Ransom from Civilians for Leaving ATO Area: $ 1000 for Adult and $ 500 for a Child. VIDEO

Militants are trying to break out of the ATO area in any way they can.

Sloviansk of the Donetsk region is virtually empty. According to the Ukrainian intelligence, there are no more than 7000 civilians, writes TSN, reports Censor.NET.

The militants in the town are accumulating their strength and preparing for a breakthrough. As reported by the journalists who work in the combat zone, there is constant shooting in the town - the terrorists are fighting and increasingly do that between themselves to settle scores.

According to the Ukrainian paratroopers in Semenovka near Sloviansk, there are also very few civilians. From 15 to 60% of the population of the town and nearby villages have left.

The scouts have learned that the militants have even set a tariff for local evacuation. Each adult needs a thousand dollars to leave the combat zone and a child needs a payment of 500 dollars.

The terrorists are trying to leave the city disguised as priests. These "fathers" with guns under cassocks are being detained by the Ukrainian military at checkpoints.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v289511