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 Terrorists Show Six Imprisoned Ukrainians Interrogated by Russian Journalists. VIDEO

Six Ukrainian servicemen are captured by terrorists in Donbas.

Speaker of the Anti-terrorist operation (ATO) Vladislav Seleznyov posted on his page in social network the video where journalists of Russian TV channels interrogating soldiers and asking them provocative questions, informs Censor.NET


"Watching the conference one can conclude that there are armed men sitting in the back of the hall out of shot. Its unclear who asks the questions and what kind of people are there in the conference room ... where the weapons of press conference "listeners" are directed. The questions are more common to interrogation rather than a press conference," said Seleznyov.

"This whole knockabout looks more like a crisis, in which soldiers are to survive, forced answering provocative questions prepared by armed men in advance," stated the speaker of the ATO.

"We demand our soldiers to be treated as prisoners of war under international law," said Seleznyov.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v289153