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 Russian Specialists are Easy to See – They Wear the Ribbon on the Right and Local Militants on the Left, the National Guard. VIDEO

Soldiers of the ATO forces ATO know their opponents, their motivation and differences in their markings very well.

According to Cenzor.NET, one of the National Guard servicemen told reporters about external differences between Russian and local terrorists.

"Czechs" - as the Chechen rebels were called by Russian soldiers during their wars. Now our soldiers are using the term. The journalist came with Arkadiy Babchenko (famous Russian war correspondent) and Alexei Nowitskiy arrived at checkpoint 3a on APC-4E and heard the story of combat Guardsman Eugene, a former paratrooper about how they distinguish Russians and Ukrainians among the terrorists and why they Chechens to fight in Donbas," comments journalist Artem Shevchenko.


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