Military equipment of Crimean self-defense in regular use in Red Square parades. PHOTOS + VIDEO

Journalists from Russian Novaya Gazeta newspaper found out that the Tiger armored vehicles of the so-called "self-defense of Crimea" (named so by Russian leader Putin) are used regularly in the military parades in the Red Square in Moscow.

Censor.NET reports referring to "Dumskaya."


The photo on the left shows a Tiger vehicle and was taken by the newspaper's photo correspondent Yevgeny Feldman on March 4 near the Ukrainian airbase in Crimea.

"21" is the code of the former North-Caucasian military district, now called Southern. The first two digits of the number on military hardware stand for the military regiment, while the third digit shows the company. That is, the Tiger that got into the Belbeck picture is a vehicle belonging to the 4th company of an "unknown" unit of the Southern military district.

The photo on the right was taken on March 19, 2012 during rehearsal of the Victory Parade on the Alabino ground. It pictures the same Tiger of the 4th company of the intelligence unit which was uncovered in Crimea.



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Apart from servicemen from the Russian Black Sea Fleet based in Ukraine under agreements between the two countries, there are other Russian military units present in Crimea.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine points at the presence of units from the 18th mechanized brigade, which is regularly stationed in Kalinovsk, the Chechen republic, in the Crimean city of Dzhankoi.

Also, soldiers of the 31th separate guards air-assault brigade (Airborne Forces), stationed in the Russian city of Ulyanovsk, are now situated in Crimea along with the 22nd special forces brigade from the Krasnodar region in Russia.

The newspaper's sources in the defense department allege the presence of the 7th air-assault (mountain) division. It is the same division that played a crucial role in the crushing of the Prague Spring in 1968. The division is stationed in Novorossiysk (Russia).

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