Russian military attack training detachment of Naval Forces of Ukraine in Sevastopol. VIDEO

Russians are attacking the 39th training detachment of Naval Forces (a military camp opposite to Lazarevsky barracks) in Sevastopol.

The video of the attack was uploaded to Youtube, Censor.NET reports.

"After Russian troops invaded the territory of the Ukrainian military unit with their personnel on a KamAZ truck, they had been blocked by a Ukrainian armored personnel carrier. Now the world community can see that Russia not only blocks military units of Naval Forces of Ukraine, but also invades them by force. Part of the Russian military was quickly redeployed out from the Ukrainian unit; others remained inside with weapons and ammunition. City residents are revolted with impudent behavior of the armed people, who threaten with weapons and forbid to conduct photo and video filming. With what we had available, we managed to imprint some moments," description of the video reads.

1. 30 Russian soldiers left the territory of checkpoint #2 of the 39th training detachment and went to the point of their dislocation - across the road. A Russian military unit is located near Lazarevsky barracks.

2. Another group of Russian soldiers with weapons and ammunition in a KamAZ truck was blocked in the military unit of Ukrainian Naval Forces with an armored personnel carrier.

3. The armed people forbid to make photo-video filming and interfere in every possible way with threats...

This information was also confirmed by Udar Party MP Dmytro Bilotserkovets.

"A Ukrainian officer and MP has been captured. Fire started in one of the buildings. Russian KamAZ (with a shelter, without identification marks) rushed to the territory of the unit through a checkpoint for transport. Our forces blocked off the entrance with an armored personnel carrier. Thus, the Russian KamAZ was cut off from the main forces, which remained behind the perimeter,"- he reported.

"The Russians outside the unit exposed machine gunners and threaten to start shooting. Nobody is getting out from the KamAZ car... On the territory, it can be heard that someone fired a round," the politician added.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v273671