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 Azarov Believes in Compromise with Opposition to Avoid the Dissolution of Parliament. VIDEO

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said that he sees an opportunity to reach a compromise with the opposition.

He said this on the First National TV Channel.

According to him, without a Parliament working in the conditions of the global economic crisis is difficult. "So, please, I address the Parliament once again, the political forces represented in the Parliament to find ways to work constructively," said Azarov. The Prime Minister also said that the government is making every effort to find a compromise.

"Those destructive actions by the opposition parties cause great concern," he said. "They have been working against their own country, creating panic mood, rocked the boat, because there is nothing affects the situation in the country like panic among the people," said Azarov, speaking about the opposition.

"So, their task is creating a climate of uncertainty, an atmosphere of hopelessness, ensure that everything is bad and will only get worse," he added.

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