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 Deputies Cannot Be Given up for Recycle as Rybak Does it, Yatsenyuk. VIDEO

Opposition promises to go to the European Court to protect Vlasenko.

Opposition leader Yatsenyuk reported that the meeting of Volodymyr Rybak with faction leaders has ended. Yatsenyuk also said that the opposition is ready for the Parliament to start working immediately, but the head of the Rada must meet his constitutional obligations.

"(They need to) recall the falsified claim from the court, convene a meeting of the leaders of the factions, deal with part time deputies from the Party of Regions. And there are, according to our data, about 37 such deputies," he said.

According to Yatsenyuk, it is necessary to convene the procedural committee with participation of faction leaders and find out whether or not the deputies combine their work in the parliament with other activities or are these technical errors.

I tried to explain to Rybak that deputies cannot be given up for recycle but he is the first Chairman of the Parliament who does so. In a few hours he signed a statement of claim, knowing that the solution is fabricated, and knowing that depriving Vlasenko of his mandate is related only to his work in defense of Tymoshenko.

Yatsenyuk noted that the opposition blocked the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada to make it impossible for the Speaker to take the floor and announce the termination of powers of deputy Serhii Vlasenko: "Blocking the rostrum, attracts the attention of the Ukrainian society and clearly shows that the President and the Parliament of the country are destroying the opposition, destroying the people who got the vote of for more than 50% of Ukrainians."

"Together we are united in the fact that we have to protect our deputies. We want Ukraine to see that Yanukovych and company finally want to completely seize the power in the country," he stressed.

According to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Speaker of Parliament "refused to comply with the law and the Constitution: to withdraw the suit, deal with the deputies from the Party of Regions, with the procedural committee chairman who has committed a crime having forged the committee's decision and to allow the Parliament to work."

"This is - the script of President Yanukovych conducted by Rybak and the Party of Regions. This is the script of destruction of the last island of democracy, which is not controlled by Yanukovich - the Verkhovna Rada," said the chairman of Batkivschyna faction.

He noted that over the past three months, the opposition has shown that it is able to fight in the Parliament and achieve results. "This Parliament does not suit Yanukovych. So their plan is the destruction of the deputies from the opposition and the destruction of the Verkhovna Rada as such. "

Yatseniuk also said that MPs today will go to the scandalous court hearing, and if necessary they will go to the European Court.

"If this so-called court will illegally rule to deprive MP Vlasenko of his mandate for purely political reasons - we will immediately appeal it in the ECHR and request streamlined proceedings. Judge Volkova was reinstated and MP Vlasenko will also be reinstated," he stressed.

"The Party of Regions has a plan: first - to destroy the opposition deputies and destroy the Verkhovna Rada. The customer of the plan is Yanukovych and executor is Rybak," concluded the leader of the opposition.

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