Workers of Donbas Chemical Plant Threatened to Block Hyundai Trains Demanding Work. VIDEO

Employees of Konstantinovskaia Chemical Plant in Donetsk oblast intend to block the movement of high-speed Hyundai trains in protest against unpaid holidays.

On Tuesday Konstantinovskaia newspaper Province wrote that after long-term unpaid leave since early January, workers came out on February 11 to work, but they were sent again on an unpaid vacation until early March. Therefore on Monday about 150 people gathered at the first checkpoint, and later went to the administration building to demand an explanation from management.

"Conversation in the form of a meeting was held here in the foyer at the entrance to the factory management offices. The chemists talked in a raised voice that they have nothing to feed and teach the children for, to pay for utilities, and that the management celebrates Christmas with fireworks, buys new cars, paints the buildings with expensive graffiti," writes the media.

Management in the person of Director Oleksandr Avhustov and his deputy coming to the rescue explained that they were doing their best, but "we are not wanted, the state does not care about us." Gathered plant workers did not believe their promises.

"They created an initiative group and will prepare events - up to blocking the road for Hyundais and raising money for the bus to go to Kiev to protest," wrote the newspaper.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v232925