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 Oleksandr Yanukovych - Coal King of Ukraine, Swiss Newspaper. PHOTO

Swiss daily Le Matin Dimanche writes that the son of Ukrainian President Yanukovych, Oleksandr became the king of coal in Geneva.

Translated text of the Le Matin Dimanche's article was published by journalist Natalia Sedletska on her Facebook page.

The publication notes that "oligarch Oleksandr Yanukovych has earned nearly $ 100 million since his father becoming the President of Ukraine three years ago."
"Thanks to Geneva former dental student now sells thousands of tons of coal a day. Many have questioned the legitimacy of his rapid success," says the article. Journalists note that "in Geneva the oligarch does not enjoy such great glory as at home."

"Oleksandr Yanukovych officially goes to Switzerland as a tourist, does business quietly in the building near the Intercontinental Hotel. According to the commercial registry, the building was registered to MakoTrading SA in November 2011. But the company, it seems, does not want publicity. Its contact phone is not indicated anywhere, the name MAKO is not on the building," says the article.
Le Matin Dimanche arranged a meeting with the head of Mako Trading SA board of directors Felix Blitshtein. "Mako Trading is a company trading coal, belonging to Oleksandr Yanukovych," he said, confirming the information of the Ukrainian Pravda.

"It was my idea, I saw a niche in the export of Ukrainian coal," said a man with a Russian-English accent. Operations began in April 2012. At present the company is engaged in exclusive trading of anthracite from Ukraine.

"Now we do not sell very much, only 40 to 50 thousand tons of coal per month," explains Blitshtein. "This coal is of the highest quality, with a high carbon content and low humidity. It is sold at a price of 1.5-3 times higher than conventional coal which is used to generate electricity. Its price is 130-260 USD per ton.

Blitshtein refuses to talk about income, but publication has estimated that MAKO sells five to six million worth of coal in Geneva per month.
"Many sources doubt that Oleksandr has succeeded only because of his entrepreneurial skills. In Ukraine Yanukovych's clan is called the Family and is accused of family enrichment. Observers note the formation of the new group of oligarchs where everything revolves not around President Viktor but around the eldest son Oleksandr," the newspaper writes.

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