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 Police is is Doing Nothing Regarding Rape of a 14-Year-Old Girl in Odesa. VIDEO

Two men who raped a 14-year-old girl have been out free for two months.

TV presenter Konstantin Stogniy wrote on his Facebook page that he received an e-mail letter with a plea to help in the investigation of a brutal crime.

Stogniy published a letter from indifferent people from Odesa and urged the public to protest against the investigating authorities which are dragging the case.

"Good day to you. All this happened November 16, 2012 in Odesa oblast, Ovidiopol District, in the village of Kalaglyia. On the evening of that day, Svetlana (the name of the 14-year-old girl) was walking with a girlfriend to her home. Along the way they met two men (23 and 32 years old) who were acquaintances of her friend. The boys walked aside with her friend and whispered something (Sveta heard that her friend said, "fourteen" - and this is her own age).

These guys "kindly" offered to drive the girls home. They were rather drunk. Since young people were known to her friend, Sveta got in the car unsuspecting. Next, briefly ... - These two bastards brought the girl to an apartment. Sveta tried to flee but she was dragged by force. Somehow the girlfriend disappeared, and Sveta was held there. The girl who is 14 years old was beaten, they put out cigarette butts on her, put the knife to her throat and took turns raping her in a perverted form. Under threat of death she was made to perform oral sex, while the beating and humiliations continued.

The girl had a damaged spine, severed genitals and all this continued until 6.00 am. The reason I am writing this letter is a complete inaction of our law enforcement officials and the impunity with which these bastards continue to roam the streets freely. The statement to the police was filed on the same day, and the girl was taken to the hospital. The gynecologist who examined the girl was shocked at his own diagnosis. An examination was conducted which confirmed all of the above. All the while the girl is hysterical, she wanted to commit suicide. Because of her spinal injuries she moves with great difficulty. "

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