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 Vlasenko: Regime is Preparing to Arrest Me in 3 Weeks. VIDEO

Serhii Vlasenko at a news conference told the press that he is not allowed to go abroad and what charges are threatened against him.

Opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko's lawyer Serhii Vlasenko named the criminal cases that the authorities were trying to pin on him, reports Censor.NET.

One of the most interesting was the car theft. According to Vlasenko, he was threatened with criminal charges for stealing a Subaru.

"I found out the license plate of the car, when I got a call from the Pechersk Court. Here are the papers. This is the car of Serhii Vlasenko," he said. It turns out that the oppositionist was threatened with five years in prison for stealing his own car.

Vlasenko explained another criminal case under article "assault with intent to rob":

"I never comment on matters related to my ex-wife. But this is too much," said Vlasenko. "Two years ago, on January 12, 2011, my ex-wife was knocking on my door down. I opened. There was a representative of a social services with her. She started to videotape everything with her phone. Then these videos appeared on the Internet. To avoid this, I took her phone, erased the recording and gave it back. All this is recorded by the testimony of a witness. Do you call this a robbery?

"For 2 years Yanukovych's police did not see a crime there but two weeks ago Kuzmin personally summoned the case and now I am facing seven years in prison - it is the goal of Kuzmin and Portnov as directed by Yanukovych," he said.

Serhii Vlasenko added that on the basis of these allegations Pechersk district department of Justice denied him permission to travel abroad and banned issuing a diplomatic passport, so he cannot take part in PACE session.

"The regime has deprived me of the opportunity to travel outside the country. These actions have been planned: they will not let me leave the country, they have taken me hostage and within a week will they are planning to file criminal charges against me," said Vlasenko.

"This means that Kuzmin will demand my arrest," he added.

The attorney also noted that a similar attack is being prepared against Hryhoriy Nemyria.

He also said he did not know who would defend Tymoshenko if he is imprisoned. This question will be discusses during the next meeting with former Prime Minister.

"If they put me in prison - I'll serve my sentence," he concluded.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v230512