Drunk Policeman on Lexus Hits and Kills Pregnant Woman. VIDEO

In Zaporizhia Lexus rammed Zaporozhets standing on the sidelines which caused the deaths of a 21-year-old pregnant woman who was in the car. According to relatives of the deceased, the Lexus was driven by a police major who was intoxicated.

On that day, the deceased along with her husband and father were returning home. A few kilometers from the village the car broke down. The girl stayed inside, and the men were trying to repair the old generator, reports TSN.

At this time, Zaporozhets was slammed by Lexus which threw the car a few meters away. The men managed to jump aside but the woman died.

As the husband Oleksandr Kasianov, behind the wheel of the Lexus there was a police major, who was returning home from hunting.

"He could barely stand and was hanging to the door - he was drunk. And he called on the phone and cynically said 'There is some moron here parked on the side, I crashed into him and some bitch kicked the bucket.' I will not forget these words to the end of my days," said the husband of the deceased.

Subsequently, the father of the policeman came to the scene of an accident and said that he was driving the car. The father was also taken for the blood test.

At that, the husband of the deceased said that he was offered money.

"They offered me to pay for my education. They also offered: "Let us give you 10 thousand dollars, and you will refrain from any claims," says Oleksandr.

Currently the major and his family refuse to talk to the media.

At the same time, the aggrieved relatives say - they are not allowed to view materials of the case, and they were not even shown the scheme of the accident.

Who was actually driving the SUV, will be established by prosecutors. The major who is suspected of a crime worked in the organized crime department. Now he is on vacation, but according to some reports, he has been fired already (backdated).

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v229765