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 Today's Voting is Opposition's Victory, Turchynov. VIDEO

Chairman of Batkivschyna's political council Oleksandr Turchynov said today's vote in the parliament is a victory of the opposition.

Censor.NET parliamentary correspondent reports that Turchynov said the majority had to make concessions to the opposition in the following matters - include the following questions to the agenda. First - the issue on which the European Parliament insisted - decriminalization of Ukrainian legislation. Second - to define the strategy of Ukraine on European integration and end of repressions. And third - the law that should have been adopted last year and which are thousands of Ukrainians are waiting for - the law on amnesty.

"All conditions of the opposition have been met and it is clear why. It was very important for them today to vote the matter of changing the head of the NBU. At the same time, by satisfying the conditions of the opposition, they have revealed that they are unable to vote their questions," said Turchynov.

Turchynov also said that they could not dismiss Arbuzov, not to mention appoint the new head of the NBU.

Therefore, "the heads of the Verkhovna Rada are sitting under the banner Free Yulia! Free Ukraine! and the Party of Regions is running around looking for cards. They are thinking about where to find the cards, where to hide them, to try to push through the matters that have already publicly failed," summed Turchynov.

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