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 Lutsenko “Celebrated” 2 years of His Arrest by Accusing Kuzmin of a Crime. VIDEO

Former Interior Minister Yurii Lutsenko made a statement about the crime of Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin and other officials of the prosecutor's office. This is how he “celebrated” two years from the date of his arrest.

Radio Liberty reports that Yurii Lutsenko underlined that Kuzmin and his colleagues are guilty of this arrest, which the European Court of Human Rights declared illegal: "The grounds for my appeal to the law enforcement authorities are legally complete. Indeed, the European Court of Human Rights rejected an appeal by Ukraine and made the final decision which recognized my arrest illegal - as such made for political reasons."

"We have the fact of unlawful arrest of a person, and have a proven damage to the state of more than 100 thousand hryvnia. From my point of view, it is unequivocal evidence of criminal acts by Kuzmin and Voichenko who wrongly took away my freedom and caused losses to the state on a large scale," said Lutsenko in Menskaia colony.

The ex-minister said that under the new Code of Criminal Procedure his lawyers passed a statement regarding actions of Kuzmin and Voichenko to be responded to by law enforcement and that on December 26 it will be entered into the national register of crimes.

In his turn Kuzmin commenting on the decision of the European Court said that Lutsenko's rights violations during his arrest is not the fault of the officials but imperfect Criminal Procedure Code of the Soviet era effective at the time.

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