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 Syrian Rebel Fighters Call on Attacking Embassies of Ukraine, Russia and Iran. VIDEO

Rebel fighters who kidnapped journalist Ankhar Kochneva threaten Ukraine and call on attacking Ukrainian embassies. In today's video address they call Ukrainians and Russians their prey.

Rebels have threatened to attack Ukraine's and Russia's embassies in Syria, saying that these countries' nationals as well as Iranians would be attacked by 'mojahedin'.

A video statement featuring Syrian rebels who had previously abducted Ukrainian reporter Ankhar Kochneva, was shown on 'Ukraine' TV channel on Wednesday.

"This is our response to a statement from Ukraine's Foreign Ministry about their spy Ankhar Kochneva, who had a gun with her and worked for Russian officers as an interpreter", the statement says.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry says it won`t comment on the statement until its authenticity is verified.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v226991