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 Yatsenyuk on Budget 2013: Ukrainians Will be Charged Additional 1 Billion Hryvnia. VIDEO

The opposition calls the state budget 2013 passed by the parliament "a poverty budget" and considers it "unjust, unprofessional and inefficient."

"This is the first budget in the last 5 years which provides for a decrease in revenues of the state budget by 12.5 billion hryvnia and increases the gross domestic product," said Yatsenyuk in parliament before the vote.

"It is clear that the Party of Regions has problems with arithmetic which deals with the state. But they have no problems with arithemtic that deals with their own pockets," he added.

Yatsenyuk was indignant regarding the fact that the budget deficit for next year will increase by 30% to a record high of 50 million hryvnia.

"The main tax burden will fall on the citizens of Ukraine. Ukrainians will be charged additional 1 billion hryvnia. Contrary to businesses that belong to the Party of Regions which will pay 1.6 billion income tax less than the previous year. Meanwhile, the average salary and the cost of living rose by 12 and 13 hryvnia," he said.

Yatsenyuk also noted that the budget increased spending on the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Service and the Prosecutor General's Office by an average of 1.3 billion hryvnia.

"This budget has the record amount - 135 billion hryvnia - for the payment of foreign debts. And the total external debt of the country will reach 600 billion hryvnia. This is 13,112 hryvnia for every Ukrainian," he said.

Moreover, the opposition stated that the draft of the State Budget has been filed with violations.

Vice Speaker Mykola Tomenko called the document "audio budget" since almost none of the deputies had time to study it. The budget was submitted to parliament on Monday evening. The document consists of nearly 400 pages.

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