Spain is Teaching Ukrainians How to Defend Their Rights - Mass Protests All Over the Country. VIDEO

Third day in a row Spain is being overrun by numerous student meetings in 70 cities protesting government's austerity measures and budget cuts.

According to Euronews, the cuts hit the student: their scholarships and expenses for the up-keep of the state universities: "They should be ashamed of making us pay for mistakes of others. We are here to defend our right for education: every year all working people of Spain pay taxes to ensure that we have state education and state healthcare. We will fight for a worthy state education that will not exclude those belonging to different social class or cannot pay his tuition."

The level of unemployment among the Spanish youth is the highest in the European Union: practically every second able-bodied young Spaniard has no job. According to UNESCO, Spain has the highest percentage of youngsters who do not continue their education after middle school.

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