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 Regime Preparing to Arrest Lviv Opposition Leader. VIDEO

A blunt provocation that may lead to the arrest of Lviv Batkivschyna leader Roman Ilyk before the elections is being conducted in 121 electoral district.

A statement released by Lviv regional Opposition election HQ says that a criminal group of 4 people is being forced to make statements against Lviv Batkivschyna leader. "The HQ employees found out about it - the process of beating out the statements has been happening for several days and the detained are being made to say that they were assaulting and robbing people to provide funds for the opposition candidate's campaign," reads the statement.

"Despite the absurdity of information it is a logical step in view of the events in Drogobych electoral district in the past two weeks," says the statement.

The press service notes that "during the past two weeks supposedly independent candidate Lagodych has been spreading lies using pro government media that in the 1990s the opposition candidate was involved in criminal activities as part of the Ilyk-Pukh group. Ilyk filed a suit but Lagodych has not appeared before the court. This smear campaign is often supported by another 'independent' Kurus.

According to sources in reputable Lviv media, there were attempts to spread these lies in oblast TV and printed press for a substantial reward.

A few days ago four unknown armed persons have robbed a house in Drogobych. Obviously, the final stage in this provocation will be the accusation of the opposition candidate.

The campaign strategy chosen by an army of 'independents' here has gone beyond any notions of honor and values. It is bordering on criminal activities.

That is why election headquarters of Batkivschyna is addressing the law enforcement agencies, Committee of Ukrainian Voters, all social and international organizations. The address will also be sent to international observers, particularly OSCE mission and embassies of foreign countries.

We understand that the regime won't stop at anything to not allow the victory of the opposition who are leading the polls. This is confirmed by Ilyk situation as well as other things in Lviv oblast - illegal search of Lidiya Kotelyak HQ by police in 123 district and assault on well known journalist Tetyana Chornovil in 120 district" notes the statement. According to Rating sociology group polls Ilyk is an undisputed leader in the district with 32% of the votes. His opponents have twice less votes: three independents have 8-12% each.

"You cannot win Roman Ilyk by fair methods. The only way to ensure the victory of the pro government candidate is to file criminal charges against the opposition candidate and discard him from the elections. We are confident that this scenario of the regime will not succeed and everyone involved will be punished," notes the statement.

"We call on the voters to come on the election day and stand up to this criminal regime which is becoming harmful for everyone! We call on democratic powers in Ukraine and abroad to stand and defend democratic elections in our country," concludes the document.

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