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 The Government Knows That After Elections We Will Have Devaluation, Says Yatsenyuk. VIDEO

The opposition demands explanation from the Government and the President regarding the increase of foreign loans and decrease of gold reserves.

The demand was announced by one of the opposition leaders Arseniy Yatsenyuk, reports Censor.NET.

"I consider the state budget to be an advertisement for the Party of Regions for the elections and nothing more," he said.

"We demand Prime Minister Azarov and President Yanukovych to explain why in their 2.5 years in power Ukraine has accumulated the same amount of foreign debt as in the previous 20 years," stated Yatsenyuk. "Where did 10 billion dollars of gold reserves go in a year?" he added.

"What kind of 'improvement' they are talking about and how does it correlate to the State Statistics Committee data that the industrial production decreased by 5%? The decrease in industrial production means that plants work less, if plants work less it means the plants shut down and that means laying off workers," explained Yatsenyuk.

"We demand explanations as to why the law on the state budget has no mention of the national monetary unit rate. How did you calculate the budget if you did not set the rate?" flared the deputy.

"We have reasons to suspect that the government does not publish the rate deliberately since it knows that there will be devaluation after the elections," stressed he. Yatsenyuk also noted that the opposition demands for "the new law on the state budget to be reviewed by the new Verkhovna Rada (after the elections) with the majority based on the United opposition.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v217787