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 Tymoshenko's Ex Cellmate was Forced to Give a Phony Interview, Says Vlasenko. VIDEO

The defense attorney of Yulia Tymoshenko demands to cease spreading phony interviews.

As we were told by the Batkivschyna press service, the regime is continuing to frame up Yulia Tymoshenko by spreading an interview with her former cellmate, said Vlasenko.

He noted that the former cellmate of Yulia Tymoshenko Abaplova Yulia "was being forced to say that she beat up the ex Prime Minister. When she refused she was thrown into the solitary confinement with limited access for 5 month".

Vlasenko reminded that three weeks ago Abaplova's defense held a press conference who said they could not visit her for three weeks. "I understand how the Penitentiary System works. I understand that you can break anyone", said the lawyer.

Sergiy Vlasenko said that he has "direct proof of falsifying yesterday's interview. I know that Ablapova was made to say what she said. And even at that this brave person did not say anything. She said that she saw that Yulia Tymoshenko was sick. She saw that she had problems with health. I know that she was being prepared for this interview during five months and I have undeniable proof of this".

"And that is why I address the Penitentiary System: if this phony thing will continue being spread we will make all the proof public in the nearest future", said Vlasenko.

Moreover, he said that he is "officially authorized by Yulia Tymoshenko to grant all journalists the permission for an interview with her".

"Each one that will manage to get the permission of the Penitentiary System as easily as it was done by Hanna Herman's site UNN (President's advisor and former press secretary) has Tymoshenko's permission for an interview", said the defense attorney.

Sergiy Vlasenko also thanked the media that refused to distribute a phony interview published on several pro government websites.

"I want to thank the journalists who had the courage and the ability not to publish this fake piece of new", he said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v217118